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Pianist Soo Jung Kwon and Clarinetist Cameron Hewse

Dark Brew Duo

Dark Brew Duo comprises clarinetist Cameron Hewes and pianist SooJung Kwon.  It was a shared passion for chamber music that first brought them together, and their distinctive personalities blend to create an invigorating, unified whole. 

The Duo's name hints at the members' mutual appreciation for fine cuisine, as well as their commitment to bring audiences music with an intensity that reaches the depths of the soul.  Ranging from classical to contemporary genres, their performances are marked by expressive sincerity and emotional profundity.


As a soloist, clarinetist Cameron Hewes has performed concerti with the Lynn Philharmonia and the Crane Symphony Orchestra. He has appeared as an orchestral and chamber musician in New England Conservatory's Jordan Hall, Boston's Symphony Hall, and the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall. Cameron studied clarinet with Jon Manasse and Julianne Kirk Doyle, and has appeared in masterclasses for John Bruce Yeh, Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr, Walter Seyfarth, and Michael Lowenstern.  He holds degrees in music performance and visual art, and is uniquely talented as both a performer and an artist.

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